What led to this idea

Dr Bhadari Mahendra

For close to 50 years, I have had the privilege of actively being associated with patient care as head of a medical specialty, and then even as the head of world- renowned medical institutions in India and abroad. I have derived much personal satisfaction in having successfully treated and operated upon thousands of patients as a Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon. During my career, almost daily, I have been personally approached by those who need answers to their medical questions, answers they did not get so far. I felt their pain and concern and did my best to offer help. I have a large family and group of friends who also, when at a crossroads medically, would come to me for advice and guidance. Fortunately, I have been able to help them. Their needs and my passion to counsel them were the beginnings of my idea that has become MediCounsel.

MediCounsel has been developed to help give people a real understanding of their specific medical problem. We work to answer their questions, thanks to our panel of experts. They consider the questions, research solutions and then deliver clear, unbiased opinion in a language that the average patient can understand.

More than two centuries age, when Victor Hugo wrote, “One can resist the invasion of armies; One cannot resist the invasion of ideas”, He displayed his firm belief in the great power of ideas. It is now common knowledge that it is the engine of ideas that has driven the journey of mankind. I feel proud that my idea-MediCounsel- has become one such finished product. It is here for anyone who seeks to find a consensus of opinion about their health from a global panel of experts. A task once impossible for most has now become not only possible, but also affordable. Patients can have access to the best care advice in the world, all without even leaving their home.

I feel fortunate to have found a group of like-minded professionals who share the same dream and mission. It has taken us over three years of painstaking effort and expense to choose from a vast pool of some of the best medical minds there are to form the MediCounsel team. I now humbly offer MediCounsel, to you. My sincere hope is that it will provide cure, relief and hope to those who need it and they will be able to use our service to end their suffering.

For me, this is just the beginning. Your feedback and support will help us move forward in this journey.


(Founder Director)