Mr. V.H. (Acronym name to prevent identity)
A patient of Prostate Cancer

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire team at MediCounsel for all the efforts and time spent in evaluating my father's case who has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. I found the report shared by MediCounsel team of doctors very detailed , informative with clear recommendations on my father's case and shows painstaking efforts put in by your team. The panel of experts were able to answer the family's concern whether the existing treatment of our father was the right approach and if surgery was the right answer. My family was fully satisfied with the diagnosis on the case and the recommendations provided by a panel of three cancer prostate experts from India and the U.S. The online registration process was very simple, easy and hassle free. The response time was also very quick which was within a week of registering my father's case on the web portal. The portal is truly a boon for people who would never have an access to get the best medical advice from panel of experts spread out across the globe. I would personally like to thank the team of doctors for a remarkable job in trying to reach the common man and provide medical counselling to those who can benefit the medical service. We wish MediCounsel greater success in the years ahead. – Mr. V.H. (Son of the patient)

Mr. A.A. (Acronym name to prevent identity)
A patient of Dementia

I wish to convey my profound gratitude to each member of MediCounsel for the kind medical advice rendered; fully supported with expert opinion and personalised options for my father's treatment for Dementia along with suggested lines and alternatives available. Once again I thank you for your kind advice and wish your endeavour of MediCounsel a great success which I am sure will ultimately be beneficial for the masses all over the Globe. – Mr. A.L.A. (Son of the patient), New Delhi, India

Mrs. F.D. (Acronym name to prevent identity)
A patient of Parkinsonism

The report I received from MediCounsel for my mother, a patient of Parkinsonism is more than I asked for. It was comprehensive and easily understood including current treatment options and upcoming options – this was information I never received in spite of visiting at least 4 different local neurologists in my city and 2 neurologists in the U.A.E, even though I enquired with them about other possible treatment options besides drug therapy. I highly appreciated that the team also took the effort to contact hospitals close to our location and inform me about the outcomes and the cost of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). As an individual I would not be able to accomplish this easily. The closing paragraph was very well written – with a promise of hope and assurance that the team would continue their efforts to keep us informed about more options as researches advance further. As I completed reading the brief, my concluding opinion was that MediCounsel had delivered a positive and well–researched response to my query. The answers were specific and relevant to my question. The terminology was simple; I didn't need to consult any reference to understand the meaning of any word. –P. D. (Daughter of the patient), Mangalore, India

Mr. B.G. (Acronym name to prevent identity)
A Patient of Osteo-arthritis

During one of my visits, I had consulted a surgeon in the U.S. for my shoulder problem. He recommended that I should go through shoulder replacement surgery. I was not very satisfied with the meeting, since I had number of questions that were not answered. I was also uncomfortable making such a major decision based on just one opinion. That's when I got to know about MediCounsel through a friend of mine. First, I thought it might not be an easy thing to use and they may give similar opinion without much analysis. Once I sent them my questions and uploaded my reports, in less than a week, I received a comprehensive report based on the opinion from their panel of experts and the research done by them. I was extremely happy and surprised by the detailed information provided in a simple manner. I was given an evidence based analysis of all the possible surgical options including different kinds of joint replacements. The comprehensive report gave me a clear picture of the possible options, outcomes and facilitated my decision making. I am greatly impressed with the service offered by MediCounsel. It takes the guess work out of decision making and empowers patients to make their own decision. It is easy, clear, quick and not expensive. In future I will trust MediCounsel as a true friend for any complex medical decision making for my family and friends.

Mrs. R.S. (Acronym name to prevent identity)
A patient of Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (LPP)

I suffered from deep skin pigmentation on my face which was very embarrassing made me a social outcast. I consulted four dermatologists and was still groping in the dark about my diagnosis. All the four prescription were different and even contradictory. My self-confidence was completely shattered and lost the hope of recovering. Hailing from a remote location in Tamil Nadu, I had consumed all the available options of consulting a dermatologist. It was then to my luck, I came across MediCounsel and posted my problem online with the help of my cousin. MediCounsel responded promptly and appointed special panel of experts to address my problem. With the treatment recommendations, I have already recovered more than 50% in less than 2 months and feeling confident enough for faster recovery going ahead. Thank you MediCounsel!

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