Long term support™

In chronic and terminal diseases, continuous and iterative management is necessary to ensure a sustained high quality of life to these patients. Such attention is simply beyond the scope of the current office-based practice of medicine. MediCounsel is available to solve your problems 24*7. Our network of health care experts is segmented by specialty. This highly focused approach provides specific attention to the individual patient and their specific condition. The result is constructive and productive consultation that offers feedback and analysis in a manner that will empower patients, their loved ones and primary caregivers with the ability to make informed decisions about long-term care.

Staying abreast of medical breakthroughs and the latest developments as they pertain to chronic, terminal or untreatable illness makes a positive impact. The long-term support offered through MediCounsel is governed by a group of specialists, who excel in their corresponding area. For example, patients suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's have access to the leading Alzheimer's specialists and researchers, the world has to offer. Contact MediCounsel to learn how our long-term support service can begin to make a real impact on the lives of patients.