Do you find yourself confused and lost because of a healthcare problem in your family? It could be either because you have too many options or because you don't have even one. We are here to help.

In such cases, we realize that it often takes a team of the right experts to solve the problem. With our unique philosophy of leveraging Collective Wisdom, we have provided guidance, hope and relief in quite a few rare and complex medical situations.

With the help of our internationally acclaimed network of specialists, we provide you with clear, unbiased and cutting-edge advice so that you can make an informed decision. Our expedient and transparent process ensures that you get the best recommendation from our council of specialists who will be selected based on the complexities of your case. We are always ready to answer our patients’ follow-up queries. If your medical condition requires continued assistance, we offer you long-term-support. We are here to help you.

This is how we are different than anything you have seen before:

  • We are unbiased as we do not take or give referral fees. LEARN MORE
  • We do not charge a fee till you have received the report. LEARN MORE
  • The power of Collective Wisdom, when it comes to the practice of medicine, collaborative decisions are in the best interest of the patient. LEARN MORE
  • With our globally acclaimed network of specialist and vast experience they collectively bring, you could trust on us for the way forward.LEARN MORE

Our Process: We have a powerful, timely process designed to get you the best possible recommendations from our experts.

  • 1. Register online

    You can register for free; just enter your basic patient profile to get started.Register Now!

  • 2. Submit your questions and reports

    Submit details about your case: symptoms, questions and complaints. Upload your medical reports. Your MediCounsel Patient Advocate will begin to work on your case.

  • 3. Interaction with patient advocate

    A personal patient advocate (senior specialist from our team), will contact you for more details. They then send your case to our experts in a detailed medical report.

  • 4. Panel formation from our network

    Your information is sent throughout our global network to a panel of experts picked solely for their medical knowledge. You get individual attention from the best minds in the world.

  • 5. Dialogue exchange

    Our panel of experts will contact you or your physician through your Patient Advocate if the need for more information arises. More case discussion will follow.

  • 6. Opinion Analysis of Collective Wisdom

    Your patient advocate will collate the opinions from the specialists. Our researcher will critically analyze the collated opinion and augment it with the latest information about current breakthroughs.

  • 7. Report generation and recommendations

    The patient advocate will prepare a comprehensive report with clear recommendations from our experts. It will include answers to your questions and be well supported by the latest literature.

  • 8. Pay after we prepare your recommendation report

    On receiving your report, you would be requested to make payment using any of the multiple available options like payment gateway, online transfer or at par cheques.

  • 9. Follow up and after care

    Our clients are welcome to return if there are follow-up needs or questions. We are happy to respond at no additional cost. If your medical condition requires continued assistance, you could avail of our long-term-support services.

Now that you have gone through the process, take the first step for us to be able to help you. Register


Our video conferencing facility is your bridge between the virtual worlds to the real world of the practice of medicine. MediCounsel makes this possible in a most user-friendly manner. Families may be stressed that their loved one in critical care is not improving. MediCounsel provides a video conferencing tool that brings the best and critically evaluated opinion right to their bedside. If the treating physicians or the hospital desires, MediCounsel will assemble a global panel of experts to discuss the best possible course of treatment. It could also be used as an effective tool to follow up with your doctor face to face, obviating the need to waste entire day in the hospital to have counsel with your doctor for a few minutes. In addition to that, your Patient Advocate will be available just a phone call away. You could alternatively write directly to your Patient Advocate or to the MediConsel team for speedy actions



In chronic and terminal diseases continuous, iterative management is necessary to ensure a sustained high quality of life to these patients. Such attention is simply beyond the scope of the current office-based practice of medicine. MediCounsel is available to solve your problems around the clock. Our network of health care experts is segmented by specialty. This highly focused approach provides specific attention to the individual patient and their specific condition. The result is constructive and productive consultation that offers feedback and analysis in a manner that will empower patients, loved ones, and their primary caregivers with the ability to make informed decisions about long-term care.

Staying abreast of medical breakthroughs and the latest developments as they pertain to chronic, terminal, or untreatable illness makes a positive impact. The long-term support offered through MediCounsel is governed by a group of the best specialists of the particular disease. For example, patients suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's have access to the leading Alzheimer's specialists and researchers the world has to offer. Contact MediCounsel to learn how our long-term support service can begin to make a real impact on the lives of patients.