The Power of Collective Wisdom™

When it comes to the practice of medicine, collaborative decisions are in the best interest of the patient. Medicine is a field where established treatments and approaches are constantly evolving due to the pursuit of knowledge. We assemble a team of experts with unique medical viewpoints. Our team will work together to suggest/(recommend) options specific to your situation. is powered by collective wisdom™. Our network of health care specialists is dedicated to a patient-centric approach. This means patients are provided with treatment options presented in a language they can understand. We formulate all of the pros and cons of each course of action with the sole purpose of empowering you to make an informed decision armed with the best information available.

Medicine is an art, not a science. Very frequently, patients continue to suffer unbearable symptoms despite several specialists’ opinions and repeated investigations revealing normal reports. We believe that in such frustrating and seemingly hopeless situations, medicine needs to evolve beyond treating the patient in an impersonal manner. You will benefit from our unique and transparent process, which will lead to clear recommendations. MediCounsel offers to give a fresh, expert look at your problem. We provide hope to patients through the collective wisdom™ experience. By applying deliberation and consensus, your team of specialists helps to establish a diagnosis and then determines the best course of treatment.

Unbiased and Comprehensive Evaluation

Health care could not advance without constant study, trial, and implementation. When and where the practice of medicine becomes arrogant and dictatorial, innovation takes a back seat. Individual physicians, health systems, universities and other healthcare providers may or may not be restrained by a sense of parochialism or institutional bias, thereby knowingly or unknowingly limiting access to various treatment options or approaches to providing quality care. is dedicated to empowering your health care decision making process. To let you live well with terminal or chronic disease requires unbiased and comprehensive evaluation of your specific condition. Your situation is discussed among our medical professionals and their inputs are collected and translated from the highly technical language of medicine to a report discussed and shared with you in a manner you can understand. It is our experience that once patients are provided with this knowledge despair subsides and hope begins.