Some of the cases we have recommended on:

Endometrial Carcinoma

A 60 year old woman was diagnosed with recurrent endometrial carcinoma. Vaginal hysterectomy with laparoscopic ilia-inguinal node dissection was done. A panel of two female genital cancer experts, one from the United States of America and one from India, specially selected from our vast network of doctors, gave their opinion and recommendation on the case. Additionally, 20 hours thorough research was done by our research team to corroborate the report.

End-stage Osteoarthritis

MediCounsel recommended on the end-stage Osteoarthritis of the left gleno-humoral joint (shoulder). The diagnosis also includes moderate acromio-clavicular (smaller joint) degenerative changes. The patient was provided with a few options inducing Total shoulder replacement / shoulder resurfacing and possible outcomes. 12 hours were invested in extensive research for the case.

Advanced Multiple Myeloma

MediCounsel offered recommendations to a 58 year-old gentleman with advanced Multiple Myeloma (MM). This report was the product of the collective opinions obtained from a panel of experts comprising of a Hemato-oncologist and a highly experienced Bone Marrow transplant physician. MediCounsel research team has also contributed 20 hours of research efforts to further supplement this report.

Multiple disorders

MediCounsel recommended on a case of 70 year-old gentleman suffering from multiple diseases including type 2 diabetes mellitus with Stage III – IV diabetic involvement of kidney, high blood pressure, chronic obstructive lung disease, and benign enlargement of the prostate. A Nephrologist from India and a Kidney Transplant Surgeon from United Kingdom formed the panel for the case. MediCounsel's research team has supplemented the report with 12 hours of extensive research to make this report exhaustive.

Severe Dementia (Alzheimer's disease)

Case of severe Dementia (of Alzheimer's disease) is recently completed by MediCounsel for a 85 year-old gentleman. His symptoms were Orientation loss, repetitive behavior and other language and behavioral disturbance, to name a few. A panel of three experts was formed including a Neurologist, a Psychiatrist (old age expert) and a Stem cell therapy expert. Our research team has compiled the opinions and substantiated the report using literature with over 26 hours of thorough research. Details for several therapies, life style changes, advice to caregivers of patient and various supportive treatment were presented in the report.

Prostate Cancer

70 Year-old gentleman diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer was given a detailed recommendation report with all available options. A panel of three prostate cancer experts – two from the United States of America and one from India gave their expert opinions on the case. 10 hours of thorough and extensive literature research went into the case which helped us to present the elaborate report.

Eales Disease

MediCounsel just completed a case for Eales Disease for a 19 year-old gentleman. Two Ophthalmologists specialized in the field of Retina and Vitreous Eye Surgery from our panel were consulted for the case. Research team spent 17 hours to substantiate the report and provided lot of new findings and breakthrough for Eales Disease. We received some really encouraging feedback for the same.

Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

MediCounsel has provided detailed recommendation report to a 54-year-old lady suffering with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma of the Sarcomatoid variety (Rare Kidney Cancer). A panel of five doctors from Belgium, Italy, India and the United States specifically selected from our vast network of specialists provided their opinions and recommendations for the case. Additionally, our research team spent 15 hours in researching authentic pertinent literature information to support this report.

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