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When you return from the chamber of your busy physician’s after a consultation you carry home more questions then answers. You may experience doubt or disbelief. There might be very personal questions about your diagnosis you may be embarrassed to ask when face-to-face with your physician. Some people may be concerned that the diagnostic data used to derive the diagnosis may have been misread. Many patients, especially those in regions that are medically underserved or access to quality healthcare is limited, may feel as if there is no hope for them. MediCounsel provides a solution to such situations.

Medicounsel wants you to know when it comes to your health there are no stupid questions. In fact, receiving answers to your questions in a manner that empowers you to make decisions regarding your care is crucial to moving forward with a course of treatment. Acquiring additional knowledge regarding your health is imperative to begin to take control of your care. Asking our global network of medical experts will grant mental peace and will positively affect your quality of life.

Utilizing the latest in communication and data sharing technologies, MediCounsel helps patients overcome the traditional barriers obstructing their paths to quality care. By enabling leading specialists from around the world to work together with you, and communicating with you and your physician, MediCounsel connects you to the best in the world of medicine.

Never Be Afraid to Ask:

Most patients are not healthcare professionals. The very nature of medicine is highly technical, complex, and intimidating to the layperson. Once a seemingly dire medical diagnosis is received, it is all too common for the patient be overwhelmed with questions they want to ask but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask their physician face-to-face.

All too often, these questions are never asked and therefore, answers are never revealed. The result is the amplification of doubt, depression, and diminishing hope. MediCounsel is uniquely positioned to eliminate any notion of embarrassment or shame regarding your question. Online interaction with our network of specialists practicing medicine throughout many regions of the world removes the inhibitions and any sense of embarrassment. The results are clear and concise answers you can understand to empower your ability to take control of your healthcare.


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